Upskilling: Enterprise DevOps Skills Report 2019

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Discover the Skills That are Most Important to Organizations in 2019

The report outlines the most valued and in-demand skills needed to achieve DevOps transformation within enterprise IT organizations of all sizes.

Key findings for the report include:

  • Automation process and soft skills are the most important “must-have” skills.
  • Process skills are essential for intelligent automation. Soft skills and technical skills are equally important. IT Operations is a key functional skill but security comes in second.
  • Business skills are most important to leaders (but not as much to individual contributors)
  • Cloud and analytical knowledge are the top technical skills. Hiring from within is the most predominant thinking.
  • Recruiting for DevOps is on the rise. There are six specific job roles that will be the most recruited now and in the future.
  • The report breaks down these findings into specific skills and categories.